Thursday, March 5, 2015


Michel’s services are no longer required; that is abundantly clear. The prerogative to determine the date of the elections remains his; his last call. His lieutenants shall mobilise and fight the halfhearted battle and lose spectacularly. During the years Michel has been in office, the country has been managed like a day care center. When he leaves, toys will be left scattered around and adults will have to put the place back in order; it will be a monumental task for his successor but where will he sleep?

Michel has run this country as though he was going to be president for life. He has failed to put in place the proper infrastructures to sustain the organs of state. There is no official residence of the head of state and head of government. The State House used to be the official residence of the head of state and government but he has turned it into a block of offices; he has yet to make the difference between a house and an office. The man has used the place for everything else except for the purpose for which it was designed. State House has metamorphosed from being a house to art gallery, a theatre, a funeral parlour and Lepep’s political headquarter.

Michel transferred state land onto his name on which is located his enclave. A unit of the defence forces was relocated to offer him close protection. The ‘Tazar’ elite unit was created under the guise of combating piracy and located up the hills of Sans Souci in a national park to protect Michel.

Handing over power will be a very confusing affair. The Presidential guards have a duty to offer close security to all elected presidents; how will the transition take place under present circumstances? It will certainly cost the people of Seychelles some millions more before the office of the President becomes more civilized; money the country can ill afford to spend.