Thursday, March 19, 2015


The Seychelles beauty pageant is a much awaited event by the public where a queen is selected to represent the country at the Miss World event. Throughout the years, the pageant has faced challenges. After the coup d’Etat, it was banned. It was said that it was vulgar to publicly expose women as it lowers their dignity. However, few years ago the pageant took off again and now has the approval of the same government.

Since the launching of the pageant earlier this year, there has not been the usual publicity surrounding the event. However, there seems to be a lot happening out of sight. One contestant has expressed her dismay at the happenings from within. She alleges that there will not be the swimwear section of the pageant because the main sponsor of the event has ordered it to be so due to his religious beliefs.

On attempting to confirm the same from other contestants, it was revealed that they are prevented from commenting. The contestants have made it known that they have signed an agreement of secrecy with the organisers, the STB. Violation of the agreement will involve paying a fine to the STB with the possibility of being barred from participating in the pageant.

Whether the contestants will be barred from wearing bikinis on stage or not will become obvious on the night of the 30th May at the main event. However, the STB need to shed light on these allegations and offer a public explanation as to why the contestants need to enter into agreements of secrecy for an event of national importance or is there a secret we need not know about?