Thursday, March 12, 2015


I've said this before; Mancham has been betraying us for a long time. There are a number of indicators that suggest he had his deal a long long time ago... and really how far back, and what his role really is, I'm not sure if we'll ever find out the whole truth... and whether we'll ever find out who James Macham really is... He certainly is not the person he made us believe he was... He's always lying and all along he's subtly changing his story.

Every time there's been an important event with regards to the political situation in Seychelles, he's jumped in and intervened, appearing to be taking control of the situation in favour of those who oppose Rene, and when everyone stepped aside, (since he was trusted as the leader)and allowed him to deal with it, when he'd got control of the issue he'd give us in straight to Rene's lot, and betray us, then he'd come on the media and tell us a pack of lies to cover his tracks. He's been doing this since early 1980's and word was getting around since as far back then, that he's a traitor, and that he was frequently on the phone with Rene, but it was hard for most to believe this could be true.

 If you observe a few events (and I'm sure there are many more which we will come to recall) you will find that they point us only one thing; Betrayal. First if I may mention there was a letter written by Ralph Hoarau, Gerard Hoarau's younger brother, in which he wrote that as far back in the 1980's they went to see James Mancham at his home in Putney, West London, to ask him to lead the opposition in exile, after Gerard had been murdered; Mancham refused. Then later in the early 1990's before Mancham and some of the exiles returned to Seychelles, (at the time back in Seychelles the Rene regime had nearly collapsed, Rene was on the back foot, the economy in tatters, as a result of his activities with the communists and the belief of his involvement in the murder of Gerard Hoarau in London, and his involvement with mafia gang lords, such as Mario Ricci, money laundering and communism was collapsing). Mancham was warned and was offered the opportunity to set conditions that would facilitate the surrender of the Rene government, he was offered help, but Mancham refused and packed his bags got on the plane went straight back to Seychelles without having set the required conditions for the return of multi-party. He refused support from very high places.

Mancham addressing a political rally in Victoria - 1992

 When he arrived in Seychelles on Palm Sunday in April 1992, (emulating Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem) it felt as if nearly the whole country was there to meet him, but he had very little to say that was of significance to most people, but what seemed to be his highest priority, and was most memorable and utterly disappointing, was he wanted to go and have a swim at Beau Vallon...( after all that happened to his followers the previous years, that's all he could come up with). He gave people the belief that he was coming to revive the opposition that many had fought for and died for; but really he knew all along he was coming to further strengthen and give legitimacy to the Rene regime. In fact, he saved Rene's regime that time, (but how many times before has he saved Rene?

 What role has he played in the demise of his own "friends" who were trying to remove Rene?). Once at the Democratic Party rally, at Anse Boileau, a few months after he had returned to Seychelles, It was a huge rally and many people attended, but Mancham did not turn up and instead he sent the late Mr Philippe Moulinie, better known as "Paren", to tell his supporters that James Mancham, hadn't turned up because he had gone to have a "loperation lerni" (he'd gone for surgery on his hernia). Little did the people know that all he meant was, "y pe donn zot grenn". If he was serious about reviving his party, having been in exile for so long and in view of all that happened to his supporters under this regime, and if he cared about anyone other than himself, would he not have been there at every rally and actively promoting and raising the moral of his supporters and proactively trying to win the election.

The traitor and the coup plotter

 If you think about it, if he did not want to be in politics any more, why did he revive the democratic party again, making people who did not really support Rene, but who were working with him, expose themselves, then only to play it down and effectively kill the Democratic Party. Where is the Democratic Party now...? The reason is very obvious; he wanted to destroy the opposition in Seychelles. His role was to convince the world that everything is ok in Seychelles now. All his apparent participation in the opposition, he was just acting, hijacking the role of opposition so he could once again, deceive the opposition and give favour to the regime.

 Another event that gave him away, during the announcement of the result of the first elections after his return, all the leaders were gathered for the announcement, and it was live on SBC, someone from the opposition had uttered something along the lines of fairness, and Mancham replied to one of the opposition leaders the words "kisa ou le vinn fer desord dan sa peyi"; In front of Albert Rene, in a way to impress Rene. Mancham had not returned to Seychelles to help the opposition but to destroy it. It is clear he had his deal long before he landed in Seychelles. I am sure many people have observed these and other occasions that indicate Mancham has long been betraying his supporters. If I remember well, once in one of Albert Rene's angry speeches, back in the 1980's, he predicted something along the lines, "one day Mancham would be more SPPF than anyone expected", and to give credit where credit is due, this one's for you Albert Rene, my friend, you were right. Mancham is the main reason why Rene's regime survived all that it has survived. People should not be fooled by anything Mancham has to say anymore. Furthermore, recently, in an interview with John Denis, on Seselwa Annou Koze, Mancham said that he'd long been retired from politics. So what is he doing now?