Monday, June 15, 2015


One of the worse man made environmental disasters is taking place at Anse Cachee in the district of Takamaka with the approval of government; police officers are even provided to guard and protect the disaster.

The raping of Anse Cachee
A group of foreigners have established base at Anse Cachee and have made use of heavy machinery to inflict irreparable damage to the environment and the disgust of the residents. Heavy machinery was used to remove the vegetation from the beach front; something that is punishable by law. Furthermore, they have destroyed the corals which gave the beach its unique identity and piled up boulders onto the beach. It is atrocious. The turtles that nest there are now being obstructed by a huge container.

What is even more disturbing if that the activity is taking place right under the nose of one of the most ardent supporter of the environment, the well-known Miss Lena Desaubin. It may well be that the foreigners are using part of her property for their activities. If that is the case, she will be guilty of colluding with them in destroying our environment. Though the beach in question is secluded, the residents of Takamaka are extremely upset. Though access to beaches is a right to every Seychellois, access to this particular beach is being denied by a very elaborate security detail.

The supposed Environmentalist; Lena Desaubin
A very well-known lawyer of the ruling party has been spotted on site talking to the foreigners; they are setting up base for filming. The same lawyer is busy campaigning for Parti Lepep; promising that our environment will be protected and our right of access to our beaches guaranteed; yet he fails to put an end to the destruction of our pristine environment. Can there be something we do not know about?

The government must conduct an immediate enquiry and inform the public why this atrocious act is permitted to take place; breaking all laws. Why is it that the police is guarding the place?