Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Astove Island, situated some 1045 km southwest of Seychelles`s main Island, Mahe, is often described as having the most peculiar form. The raised coral island is a single stretch of land that almost entirely encloses a shallow lagoon with only a winding passage in the southwest.

The only settlement, on the western coast, has been abandoned since the 1980s, but now a group of some 20 Indian construction workers are currently working on a new development project on the Island. It is believed the men are employees of Green Island construction company Ltd; a construction company belonging to Island Development Corporation Ltd (IDC).

A source who visited the island a month back to transport construction materials including bricks, macadam and crusher dust were shocked that they were not allowed to disembark on the island. None of the 17 mariners onboard the IDC landing craft, Enterprise 2 were allowed.

“We were anchored for 2 days near the island whilst the construction materials were being offloaded; after spending 14 days at sea before reaching Astove. I can`t believe we were denied permission to go ashore” one of the mariners stated. He said the island`s manager who goes by the name of Dubois informed them that unless they have the expressed permission of the IDC Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Savy, they cannot set foot on the island. “As a matter of fact he said Mr Savy has ordered him not to allow any of us to go beyond the beaches”, he said.

The Chief
These incidents are very frequent these days and quite clearly contravenes article 25 of the Constitution which states” Every person lawfully present in Seychelles has a right of freedom of movement and for the purpose of this article this right includes the right to move freely within Seychelles, the right to reside in any part of Seychelles, the right to leave Seychelles and the right not to be expelled from Seychelles.”

He is of the opinion that IDC want to keep under wraps whatever construction is going on there. From his personal observation he thinks it’s a new tourism development citing what he called the near completion of 2 chalets. Astove which is part of the Aldabra group already has an airstrip.