Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The ruling party has grown financially richer and morally poorer every year; they have been real parasites. It has become a formality that the ruling party identifies prime land owned by government, acquires the plots and makes money out of the transactions. It is a highly corruptive practice that needs to stop and the land returned to the people of Seychelles where it will be better utilized for the prosperity of each and every Seychellois.

The parasitic Parti Lepep sucks blood from the Seychellois enriching themselves at the expense of the state. In 1996, Parti Lepep bought three parcels of land on La Digue from the state; Parcels LD 730, LD 704 and LD 702 for the meager sum of SR 110,000. All three parcels are situated at La Passe, La Digue; prime estate. On parcel LD 730 are kiosks believed to be managed by SENPA and the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) office building.

In 2001, Parti Lepep, then SPPF, signed a lease agreement with the La Digue Development Fund Board for parcel LD 730 over a period of ten years at the rate of SR 25,000 per annum to be disbursed in 12 monthly installments  payable to Parti Lepep La Digue Branch. It effectively means that after ten years, Parti Lepep had recuperated the cost of buying the three plots of land from the lease of one plot only; it fact, guaranteed revenue over the ten years amounted to a quarter million rupees. This is a crime against the people of Seychelles. It is a transaction in which only Parti Lepep makes money; La Digue Development Board has to pay the ruling party whether or not it makes a profit. The same applies to other government agencies caught in the vicious web; most often they are subsidized by the same government that is asphyxiating them financially through weird arrangements and agreements of funneling funds to the ruling party.

Government agencies continue to be used to enrich the ruling party. As per the lease agreement, a building to be used as an office has indeed been built, but the details of who really invested in the building is not yet fully understood but the SPA has taken over the management of the building and the conditions attached remains a state secret. While it is believed that SENPA has management control over the kiosks, details of rent and lease of the property remains a totally different story.

The same land could have brought in revenue for government and the people of Seychelles which would have gone to the state coffers but Parti Lepep has decided otherwise. The party that claims to have the interest of every Seychellois at heart is bankrupting the country, while amassing sufficient funds to buy votes, distribute bags of cement and five rupee notes. The people of Seychelles is being bought by their own money; what a shame!

James Michel has vowed to cut off the head of Mr Corruption but he heads a system that has elaborate plans to institutionalize corruption at the highest level of government. As Seychellois, there is nothing to be proud of when ruled by such a corrupt regime. Supporters must review and make a deep analysis of their support for the ruling party.