Monday, June 22, 2015


By A.Pierre

A top insider source confirms concrete allegations that President James Michel possesses a private jet like many of his African counterparts; he doesn’t like to be left out. The insider who claims to have been on the aircraft is however unsure whether this luxury private jet was a gift or was purchased. The insider confirms apparently that the jet has to be stationed in Abu Dhabi for fear of being discovered if stationed in Seychelles; although when called upon arrangements are allegedly made by Captain David Savy.

The jet setting billionaire President has been photographed on some occasions with this expensive toy. In the photo he is seen disembarking at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport for the 2013 AU summit and being greeted by Ethiopian Minister for Women, Children and Youth; Zenebu Tadesse.

The aircraft built in 2008 is an Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy model equipped with 37 VIP aircraft seats and registered as N63AG. It was air worthy and delivered on the 3rd of September 2008. Strangely enough the last action date is stated as the 4th of September 2014. Was that because a local newspaper got too close to the real story the year before? The Embraer fixed wing multi engine aircraft list the owner as Aircraft Guaranty Corp (AGC) Trustee, from the city of Onalaska, Texas in the United States. AGC, the Trustee service provider, is just the front. On AGC`s website it states “AGC provides its clients, whether U.S.-based or international, with ownership entities and structures that offer maximum anonymity of ownership, protection from liability claims, and tax reduction benefits.” Therefore the true owner is hidden and it is hidden for a reason; many drug lords and mafia types are afforded this set up. Could  James Michel`s  secret British Virgin island offshore company, Soleil Overseas Holding Ltd that was created on 22 October 2007 , be the vehicle holding this asset?

Airports where the multimillion dollar aircraft has been photographed before include Singapore Changi International Airport, Dubai International Airport, London Stansted Airport and Zürich Airport.

It would appear that the good James Michel wants to vote out the bad James Michel. With earthquake shattering political mistakes made through statements such as there is “non-existent opposition” and “there`s only perception of corruption”; the President if he loves Seychelles should do the country a favour and resign into retirement immediately as the corruption evidence train is headed straight for State House.