Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It is very simple Mr Hendrick Gappy - in 1993 the total population stood at 72,253 whilst registered voters were 50,370 and in 2015 the total population stands at 93,419 whilst registered voters at 72,200. Can you please explain how registered voters have increased by more than the total population over this time period especially when taking into consideration that the non- Seychellois element of total population was the fastest growing part of the equation? Registered voters increased by 21,830 but total population only increased by 21,166 for this same period.

Before appointed Electoral Commissioner in 1999, Mr Gappy had held the positions of Census Commissioner and Director of the National Statistics office previously.

The district of Mont Buxton had 2359 number of Seychellois of 15 and above when the 0-14 age group and non Seychellois component were removed from the total population as reported by the 2010 national census. The total votes cast in Mont Buxton were 2547 in the 2011 Presidential election which means 188 more votes cast than eligible registered voters and this is without 15,16 and 17 year-olds being removed from the calculation. Please provide an explanation for the 4 districts above?

Hendrick Gappys` phantom voters