Wednesday, September 2, 2015


By A.Pierre

Population data for 2011 from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reports a total population of 65,102 that were aged 17 and above for that year. The starting age was selected to give wiggle room for any margin of error. This total population figure includes Non-Seychellois as published and verified by NBS. Therefore, Non-Seychellois must be removed from the 65,102 of  those aged 17 and above for 2011. The office of the Electoral Commission states " All Seychellois nationals who are 18 years old and over and who are in possession of a National Identity Card have their names on the register of voters."

Total Seychelles Population aged 17 and above

There were 7798 Non-Seychellois in the 2010 Census data which must be removed from the total population of 17 and above (65,102).

Total population, of which 8.6% are non-Seychellois in 2010

In a NBS publication entitled "Migration in Seychelles: A Country Profile" the number for Non Seychellois  aged 19 and below were 560 for both male and female.To be ultra conservative the number will be rounded up to 600. The number of Non-Seychellois for 20 and above is therefore 7198.

It is reasonable to assume that the actual figure for 2011 was higher as the Non-Seychellois factor is the fastest growing component of the Total population equation; however the 2010 figure will be used to be conservative. In the year 2013 over 16,000 resident permits were issued!

57,904 is the conservative figure. This figure is the total number of Seychellois 17 or above according to NBS data. Somehow there were 69,480 registered voters for the 2011 elections, going by the Electoral commissioners` count; a gargantuan difference from the NBS data of 11,576. This is massive problem. Where did Hendrick Gappy, the Electoral Commissioner, get the extra 11,576 registered voters from? Were these phantom voters added to fix the Presidential election for James Michel? The results of the 2011 as well as the 2006 and 2001 Presidential and Parliamentary elections,because the analysis is the same, must now be called into question.If not, democracy is dead and buried in Seychelles for good.Is it a coincidence that the past 3 cycles of elections Hendrick Gappy has been in charged? He became Electoral Commissioner in January 1999.

In fact for the 2011 Presidential election there were more votes, 59242, than humanly possible! If the phantom voters were deducted from James Michel 2011 Presidential votes, as they would not have gone anywhere else, he would be left with only 20,390; meaning he would not be President.The only other possibility is the the data from NBS is so far wrong that the bureau must be immediately shut down for wasting public money. 

Did the fixer at State House forget about the non-Seychellois part of the equation, when compiling the bogus voters register?

The numbers just do not add up.And the exact same scenario is being played out for the forthcoming elections. Seychelles must be saved.