Sunday, August 30, 2015



The Seychelles population stood at 93,419 at the end of June this year, according to new figures released by the Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) last week. Demographic statistics including births, deaths, marriages, divorces and migration data, which are collected by the Civil Status and the Immigration Division, are published bi-annually.

The latest population increase is due to two main factors; an increase in both the number of births and migration figure. According to the NBS, the first six months of this year recorded 810 births and 829 migrants in Seychelles.

"The number of migrants recorded do not specify whether they are foreigners who have come to work in Seychelles, or if they are Seychellois who have returned to the country, after being away," the Director of the Geographic Information System at the National Bureau of Statistics Teresa Gopal, told SNA in an interview.

According to the published figures there are 69,959 people between 18 and 90+. Incidentally almost five years ago for the 2011 Presidential Election, the number of registered voters was 69,480. 

This creates a big problem as the number of registered voters certified by Hendrick Gappy on the 31/3/2015 for the 25 districts totals 72,200. There is a staggering difference of more than 2241 for the registered voters as compared to the just released NBS statistics of the population over 18! Even more staggering is the fact that the NBS figure DOES NOT SEPARATE NON-SEYCHELLOIS FROM THE FIGURES. In the 2010 Census 8.6%(7798) of the total population were non-Seychellois. In 2013 over 16,000 residents permit were issued. The non-Seychellois is the fastest growing component of the total population equation. So the problem for Mr Gappy is magnified even more.

The result of a more detailed and in depth analysis will be announced shortly.

It is a known fact that Parti Lepep has always had access to a soft copy that Mr Gappy is fighting for his life not to give other Political parties; although ordered by the Supreme Court. This is most odd in itself and leaves many questions. The massive discrepancies between the NBS population data and the voters register suggest phantom voters have been included on the voters register. Were the phantom voters added to the voters register to make SPPF/Parti Lepep win past elections? And will these phantom voters make Parti Lepep win this time? Is Mr Gappy the “ace in the hand” that President James Michel arrogantly bragged about?

A demand to Mr Gappy for an immediate recall of the Electoral register and amended to reflect the real numbers with the names of the phantom voters deleted for both the soft and hard copy of the voters register. It is an impossibility to have more registered voters than people. The situation is massively alarming for Democracy in Seychelles.

By A.Pierre