Tuesday, August 18, 2015


As Finance Minister in 1990 James Michel was interviewed by Dr Denis Venter, Chief Researcher in Politics and International Relations at the Africa Institute. So for 25 years James Michel has been talking about the blue economy and the possibility of Seychelles having oil; nobody is fooled any more. The man just goes round in circles. James Michel talks a lot and rarely delivers; back then blue economy was called marine resources.

James Michel talks about the blue economy as if he invented it.  However, blue economics had its origin in the original manuscript submitted to the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, as early as 1987 (Gonzales, Ernesto R.). This research document became the basis of the Proposed Magna Carta for a Comprehensive Development of Island Resources of the Philippines.

The Ex-Communist now turned capitalist in the interview shockingly stated that “a limit of 100 000 tourists per annum has been set to protect the environment and to ensure that societal strains are kept to a minimum.”  So what happened? Is he no longer a protector of the environment?

Further on in the interview he indicates that “In this regard we are very much encouraged by the results of oil exploration on the shelf south-east of Mahe, which includes the Topaze, Constant, Coetivy, and Fortune banks. Three oil companies have already shown interest and one will start test –drilling later this year. So we hope that during the next ten years or so the oil exploration project will eventually produce an industry strong enough to counterbalance the dependence on the fragile tourist trade.”

James Michel will say anything to stay in power; talking big and never delivering.

By A.Pierre