Monday, August 17, 2015


The whole population has been waiting to see what will happen to Dolor Ernesta, the former minister who has stolen government land for himself. Evidence has been provided for ten plots of government land taken by Dolor Ernesta: LD756 (6022sq m), LD757 (1961sq m), V10131 (2533sq m), V10143 (27sq m), V10331 (1044sq m), V11919 (6677sq m), V8761 (3214sq m), V17907 (200sq m), V8762 (1013sq m), V10153 (126sq m). See earlier articles.These pieces of land altogether represent over 23,000 sq metres of land.

It must be noted that in the latest revelation, which includes V8761, 3214 sq metres of land and V8762, 1013sq metres were given to Dolor Ernesta for free by Christian Lionnet, then PS now minister of land and housing. Stamp Duty was also exempted. It is stated in the transfer document that it was in consideration of the grant of the right of way over the same two plots (V8762 & V8761), and the road in question leads to a bigger property; V11919, which also belonged to Dolor. This is a scam between Christain Lionnet and Dolor Ernesta, there is no other way to describe it, which needs to be investigated. The people of Seychelles want to know how did Christian Lionnet arrive at this decision to give Dolor two pieces of prime land with a road that leads to his house for free? This is the question.

The above illustrates clearly that the two plots (V8761, 8762) were simply gifted to Dolor Ernesta by his friend Christain Lionnet for free. Dolor has since sold V8761 along with V11919 for 12.5 million rupees or probably for more and he has kept V8762. The right of way through the two properties was totally in favour of Dolor and nobody else. Dolor.

So far there has been no reaction to demands for an investigation in this matter. The Minister for Land has not responded. The President himself has not said one word on the matter. The FIU is playing blind to the many articles on the illicit sales of government land for personal gains. The Attorney General is also walking around with a blanket over his head. So corruption has become fashionable in the land of “judge me by my actions” or inactions for that matter. The leader of opposition is also not reacting to one of the biggest scandal in Seychelles history. WHY??