Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Earlier articles reported the fact that Dolor Ernesta had abused his position as a government minister for land by grabbing several plots of government land for himself and his family. LD756 and LD757 two beach front properties at Anse Gaulette on La Digue was taken through an elaborated deal, which involved transferring the land on his father for SR75,000, almost 8000sq metres of land was lost to that scam. Dolor has since sold LD756 for 5 million rupees on paper, but many believe that he has sold the land for more. LD757 is still registered in Dolor’s name at the land registrar.

It was also another three plots of land, taken from Government by Dolor, this time on Mahe at Sans Soucis; V10131, V10143 and V10331, nearly 3600sq metres of land in total. This is where Dolor is now residing at Sans Soucis, next door to the former residence of President Michel. If we were to put all five plots of land together; LD756, LD757, V10131, V10143 and V10331, in total 11587sq metres of Government land gone to one man, the former minister of land use in this government.

If you thought that the above was the totality of land taken from government land bank by Dolor, you are totally mistaken. Dolor Ernesta has an undiminished appetite (greed) for government land. Further evidence of another four plots of government land given to Dolor Ernesta; This brings the total so far to ten (with V11919, included) plots of government land for Dolor, contrary to government policy, which says that a person without a piece of land is entitled to only one plot (per person).

On 12th August, 1996; V8761 and V8762 were transferred to Dolor Ernesta for nothing. YES NOTHING! Dolor was the minister at the time, so he was in a position to organise the deal from inside (insider dealings). Joseph Nourrice signed on behalf of the Government and Dolor for himself.

Dolor Ernesta gets Government land for free
 On 16th September, 2011, Christian Lionnet the Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Land Use and Housing at the time, acting on behalf of the Republic of Seychelles, signed to transfer another two plots of land on Dolor Ernesta; V10153 and V17907. Dolor paid SR37, 560 for the two plots of land. The “Dolor land scandal” is a crime against the people of Seychelles. It is corruption at its highest. Dolor has since sold V17907, V8761 along with another plot V11919 for SR12, 500,000 rupees (SR12.5million). Further details on how he got V11919 will be forthcoming along with other stolen pieces of land.

Corrupt Central committee member of Parti Lepep
There has been many call for an investigation in the dealings of Dolor Ernesta, former minister, Central Committee member of Parti Lepep and embarrassing Vice chairman of SCCI, to establish whether any wrong doing; abuse of power, corruption or embezzlement and other inappropriate transactions has been committed. So far the President has remained quiet and has ignored all calls for an investigation. This is one of the biggest scandals by far that has come to light since James Michel was handed power in 2004, when he pronounced these immortal words, “judge me by my actions”. His silence on this scandal is deafening. If President Michel has decided not to investigate Dolor Ernesta he must provide the population with an explanation. This is the least that is expected from the elected President of the Republic. He is accountable to the people of this country. That is a responsibility he cannot avoid.

Source: Seyweekly.com