Sunday, August 9, 2015


Parti Lepep facebook group Dan Lari bazar was set up around August 2013 by High Level Government officials and Parti Lepep Central Committee members with the sanction of the President himself. The reason these cowards need fake profiles are to insult and attack ordinary citizens with baseless nonsense that are never backed up with any evidence; is because they are either Ministers, Principle Secretaries, officials at State house or Parti Lepep top dogs! Extremely disgusting; they see the end in sight. Extra ordinarily desperate! It has been known that the President himself monitors the group with the aid of his state house sexcretaries.

Ricky blaster was the founding administrator along with another fake profile that has long since disappeared by the name of Samantha Balette. In fact it is probably the only facebook group in the world that is administered totally by cowardly fake profiles; and these are the people in government in Seychelles! 90 percent of the group members are fake profiles; all afraid of their own shadows. Ricky blaster along with his gang of Parti Lepep fake profiles have spent the last 2 years insulting everybody that questions this corrupt government. Wonder what Ricky blaster has to hide?


The identity of the coward Ricky blaster has been much debated on social media. Very recently Ricky blasters` IP address was monitored to suddenly have changed to the UK for a few weeks! So how does a fake profile travel from Seychelles to the UK? Obviously the real person using the fake profile was the one on the move. After intense enquires and verification from immigration it can be revealed that none other than the Samsung S6 carrying land scammer Dolor Ernesta is the sole possibility; no other Ministers, Principle Secretaries, High Level Government Officials and Parti Lepep Central Committee members were in the UK for the period in question. Dolor Ernesta was in the UK! His party`s days are numbered as James Michel will shortly be announcing the upcoming elections. The man is so desperate to hang on to the 30+ pieces of land scammed from the government; unfortunately Ricky blasters efforts have been to no avail. The President was clearly lying when he said he would cut off the head of corruption at his inauguration as he has completely ignored calls for investigation in Dolor Ernesta and all his corrupted scams. James Michel encourages corruption. 

Ricky Blaster has been unmasked and the people of Seychelles have noted.