Sunday, September 6, 2015


By A.Pierre

The heart of a nation was ripped out on the 5th of June 1977. Seychelles has been in critical condition since, with attempts to transplant democracy in 1993. It can now be confirmed that Seychelles died awhile ago. Many thought that Seychelles was alive, with democracy pumping through its veins; this is not the case. If democracy is dead, so is the nation. Every 5 years or so the people of Seychelles thought they were exercising their democratic right to vote and to elect a government of their will. This right has been taken away as there is a small sinister group that is tampering and manipulating with the outcome of the voting process for the selfish maintenance of power. Democracy is dead so therefore is the nation.

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An analysis of the 2011 Presidential elections was carried out using the National census of 2010 on a district level. The census adopted the “de jure” method which entailed a complete count of the resident population present from the 26th to 30th August of that year. This was comprehensive and thorough. The goal of this analysis was to check if the numbers from Electoral Commission (EC) of registered voters matched or came close to the 2010 census figures of those eligible to be on the register of voters. Before obtaining the number for eligibility to be on the voters list of a particular district, the Non Seychellois element and below age of voting must be removed. To be ultra conservative only the 0-14 age group was used to deduct from the total.

National Bureau of Statistics
The findings were totally alarming. For 24 out of 25 districts there were more registered voters than people eligible and this is even more astounding as only the 0-14 age group was deducted from the total population of a particular district. There were 62,762 Seychellois 15 and above; a huge difference from the registered voters for the 2011 Presidential elections as provided by the EC. If the 15 and 16 years old were removed this figure would be close to 60,000. Registered voters for 2011 totalled an incredible 69,480.

The district of Mont Buxton had 2359 number of Seychellois of 15 and above when the 0-14 age group and non Seychellois component were removed, but yet in 2011 there were 2989 registered voters. An incredible difference of 630 more registered voters than people! This means that 97% of the total population of Mont Buxton are eligible to be registered voters. There are almost no children and no non Seychellois apparently in that district! In 2015 the problem is exactly the same, with a total population of 3173(includes below 18 and non Seychellois) for Mont Buxton as published by NBS and 3035 on the voters register as certified by the EC.

In 2015 there are 69,959 people 18 and above of the total population in Seychelles as recently published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). This figure includes non Seychellois.  To obtain a figure for eligible registered voters, a correct number of non Seychellois in 2015 must be deducted from the 69,959 figure. There have been no official published numbers of non Seychellois for 2015. Once that is applied the number of voters registered and certified, 72200, by the EC will look farcical; another fixed election in the making.

The penal code states that “Any person who forges any judicial or official document is liable to imprisonment for ten years”.  The Chairman and the 4 members of the Electoral Commission must take full responsibility for the bogus list of registered voters. It is abundantly evident that the list of registered voters contains thousands of phantom voters as detailed earlier. James Michel and his cartel of criminals took power through the barrel of gun where innocent brothers lost their lives. To fix elections by adding phantom voters on the list in order to maintain the grip of power is well within his realm.