Thursday, September 10, 2015


9th September 2015

The Electoral Commission
Aarti Chambers
Mt. Fleuri

Dear Mr. Gappy,

Re: A Credible Electoral Roll

I write as Leader of the Seychelles Party for Social Justice & Democracy.

I have read the comments made by the Electoral commission (EC) in the Nation newspaper and needless to say none of the concerns raised in regards to the huge discrepancies in the Voters’ Register was dealt with. It is now of paramount importance and in the National interests that the following matters are cleared up once and for all.

1                Initial research conducted by local experts, based on available data indicate that there has been systematic falsification of the Electoral Roll from as early as 1993, to date (either deliberate or inadvertent) meaning that there has been “election fraud” as past elections were not “free and FAIR” thereby casting serious doubts on past election results, and puts into question the legitimacy of the present government whose mandate emanated from votes cast, and which now appears to have included votes by a huge number of “phantom voters”  and this brings to mind something that Mr. Albert Rene is alleged  to have said in 1997 “zot pour war nanm dan bwat vote.’ It is very simple Mr Gappy, in 1993 the total population stood at 72,253 whilst registered voters were 50,370 and in 2015 the total population stands at 93,419 whilst registered voters at 72,200. Can you please explain how registered voters have increased by more than the total population over this time period especially when taking into consideration that the non- Seychellois element of total population was the fastest growing part of the equation? Registered voters increased by 21,830 but total population increased by 21,166 for this same period.

2                    Recent analysis of the 2011 Presidential elections was carried out using the National census of 2010 on a district level. It was found that in 24 out of 25 districts there were more registered voters than people eligible. As an example, the district of Mont Buxton had 2359 number of Seychellois of 15 and above when the 0-14 age group and non Seychellois component were removed as reported by the 2010 national census, but yet for the 2011 Presidential election there were 2989 registered voters. A gargantuan difference of 630 more registered voters than people. The total votes cast in Mont Buxton were 2547 in the same aforementioned election which means 188 people more voted than possible registered voters and this is without 15,16 and 17 years removed from the analysis. The question now, WAS THE ELECTORAL ROLL FALSIFIED AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHO CAST THE VOTES FOR THE NON EXISTENT PERSONS?

3                    It has now been documented that the present electoral register of voters includes around 11,000 ‘phantom voters’   unless there has been a deliberate or inadvertent falsification of this list can you please explain to the people of Seychelles how this has happened, and also please explain to the people of Seychelles what steps your office has taken/going to take, to rectify the errors prior to the forthcoming election.

4                    Based on 3 above, all Opposition Political Parties once again requests a meeting with EC, the one you promised last week. At the meeting held on 15th May 2015 between all political parties and the EC, Simon Gill of Parti Lepep admitted that his Party had a soft copy of the Electoral Roll (las i dan nou lamen). So if your office and PL both have soft copies of the Electoral Roll why is it now necessary that you ask the President to amend the Election Act in order to provide other Political Parties with soft copies of the electoral roll with the provision that the electronic copies should be provided in a secured unalterable format when the Supreme Court has already ordered you to do so without the provision?

5                  Unless your office can come up with an explanation regarding the ‘phantom voters’ that have systematically “voted” in the last few elections our local analysis shows that, minus the ‘phantom votes’ in the last few Presidential Elections, Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan could have been the winner with over 50% of the legitimate votes cast and I do not need to spell out what this means!

6                  If you are unable or unwilling to explain all of the above my Party will forward all relevant documents to the police to investigate what presently appears to be a serious falsification of documents which is a criminal offence under section 333 of the Penal Code and we will concurrently be seeking assistance from our international partners to conduct a forensic investigation into the matter, bearing in mind that there already exists a report highlighting the discrepancy in the Electoral Roll.

Finally and in a bid to inform the public so as to avoid the kind of nonsensical excuses your office is so often make I quote the relevant sections from the Elections Act the relevant starting with section

7. (1) The Chief Registration Officer shall every year prepare a register of voters, for each electoral area.

(2) In the preparation of a register of voters under subsection (1), the Chief Registration Officer may use 

(a) any information furnished to the Chief Officer of the Civil Status for the issue of a National Identity Card under the National Identity Cards Act, 1995 and for that purpose may require the Chief Officer of the Civil Status to communicate to the Chief Registration Officer such information;

(b) any information furnished to the Chief Officer of the Civil Status for the registration of births and deaths under the Civil Status Act and for that purpose may require the Chief Officer of the Civil Status to communicate to the Chief Registration Officer such information;

(c) any information recorded in the National Population Data Base compiled by the Chief Officer of the Civil Status and  for that purpose may require any such information to be communicated to the Chief Registration Officer;

 “d) any information recorded in the register maintained under section 9 of the Citizenship Act, 1994 and, for that purpose, may require the Citizenship Officer to communicate to the Chief Registration Officer such information;

(e)  not withstanding anything to the contrary in the Census Act, any information compiled by a census officer under that Act, and for that purpose may require the Census Commission to communicate to the Chief Registration Officer such information;

(f)  any information furnished to the Chief Registration Officer by any person who is or claims to be entitled to have the name of that person entered in a Register of voters in an electoral area; or

(g)  such other information as the Chief Registration Officer may obtain from a house to house or other sufficient inquiry.

(h)  information contained in any previous register of voters.

(3) The information acquired under subsection (2) (a)  to (g)  shall only be used for the preparation of a register of voters and shall not be divulged or communicated to any person otherwise than in the performance of the functions under this Act.

(4) The Chief Registration Officer may, on information referred to in subsection (2) , revise not less than once[…]”

 “(5) The register of voters prepared or revised under subsection (1)  or subsection (4)  shall contain 

(a) names of persons who on 1st January of the year for which the register is prepared or revised are entitled to be registered as voters;”

 “Certification of register

9.         (1) The Chief Registration Officer shall, after all claims, objections and appeals have been concluded under section 8, amend the register of voters for each electoral area accordingly and certify the registers.

(2) The registers of voters certified under subsection (1)  shall be the registers for the purposes of the election or the referendum held in any period prior to the next following certification of the registers under that subsection.”

Having produced the law and the duty cast on your office please tell the people of Seychelles whether List of voters certified by you is correct and credible.

We all await your response.

Yours sincerely

Alexia G. Amesbury

Party Leader for Seychelles Party for Social Justice & Democracy.