Thursday, July 9, 2015



Two men appeared before the Court yesterday in relation to possession of drugs. wo suspects arrested by the NDEA in connection to a heroin drug bust of 1.2 kilograms were brought before the Magistrate Court yesterday afternoon, accompanied by their lawyer Basil Hoareau. The two men were remanded into custody and the court will rule on their bail application today.

Reporters who were present for the hearing with the approval of the Magistrate Brassel Adeline were later asked to leave after the lawyer objected to the presence of the media in the room. According to the communiqué received from the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA), the drugs were “concealed in a vehicle drive shaft that had recently arrived in the country from Dubai.”

Prior to the court hearing, attempts were made to get detailed information from the Police, the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) as well as the Seychelles Peoples Defence Force where one of the two men are alleged to be working. Mr. Liam Quinn of the NDEA did confirm that “at least one of the men worked for the SPDF” and while there are allegations that the men worked at State House, Ms. Srdjana Janosevic, the Chief Press Secretary within the Information and Press Department at State House, stated to a newspaper that the two men had never worked at the State House.

It is to be noted that this is not the first time that members of the Seychelles Peoples’ Defence Force have been implicated in cases involving the illegal importation of drugs. Last month, the NDEA arrested several crew members of the naval vessel Andromache as they returned from an operation in Madagascar.

 The NDEA communiqué also reported several other arrests and drug seizures, including 13 grams of heroin recovered at an operation in Les Mamelles, 350 grams of heroin seized from a consignment concealed in the wing mirror of a truck imported from Dubai, 149 packages of heroin recovered from a 23-year old male suspect at Anse Royale plus the discovery of 1,384 cannabis plants at Grand Anse Praslin.