Thursday, July 2, 2015


By A.Pierre

Back in September 2010, two men who went missing during a fishing trip off Coetivy were found with their boat, but a third man in the group was never unaccounted for.

The official story went as such. They left Coetivy Island in a 32ft white fibreglass boat Trial at about 7am on a fishing trip and were expected back at around 3pm the same day; 1st of September 2010. However they did not return. The men that were on board were George Athanase, Wilhem Laurette – both Islands Development Company workers – and Mickey Lesperance, an inmate on the Coetivy prison. Yes a prison inmate allowed to go on a fishing trip; this is most odd in itself.

The three missing men. From left to right: Laurette, Athanase and Lesperance
On being alerted that same evening, the IDC launched a major search-and-rescue operation, both by air and sea, involving IDC planes, a military plane and the coast guard patrol ship Topaz.
Not soon after George Athanase and Wilhem Laurette, both IDC workers, were found by the Seychelles Coast Guard vessel Topaz.They were flown to Victoria hospital for further observations and were released almost immediately.

Mickey Lesperance, a prison inmate from the Coetivy prison was never found. The police started an investigation on what really happened to him but still to this day, nothing!

Mickey Lesperance
The strange unsolved case has many unanswered questions. Why was a prison inmate allowed to go on a fishing trip? Why was he not accompanied by prison guards? What were the duties of the 2 IDC workers? Was the official story a lie? Why has the prison not made a report public? Was Mickey Lesperance murdered? The people of Seychelles want to know the truth!