Friday, July 10, 2015


Czech fugitive speaks up in court, he explains how he got his two Seychellois passports.

On Wednesday 8th July in South Africa, Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir took the stand to support his fifth bail application at the Germiston Magistrate’s Court in connection with the murder of Lebanese businessman Sam Issa. Led by his lawyer Annelene Van den Heever, he told the court in slightly accented English that contrary to the correction made on the record earlier, he had only been convicted in absentia in the Czech Republic on three cases, not four, and that two more were either pending or on appeal.

 He confirmed that he fled that country because he feared for his life after his father was murdered, allegedly by the government of the time. This is when he came to Seychelles and then, matters became slightly confusing. Earlier during the procedure, Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba lifted up two maroon-coloured Seychelles passports - one in Krejcir’s name and another in the name of Egbert Jules Savy.

Krejcir explained that there had been an attempt on his life in Seychelles and explained why he had the second passport. ‘’That was for security reason because the Czech Republic government tried to kill me in Seychelles,’’ he said. Due to his health, he needed an MRI scan and at that time the country did not have that equipment. So, another passport was issued for him in the name of Savy. His wife and sons were also issued Seychellois passports.

However, he was put on the spot by Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba, who wanted to know how the Seychelles Government, which he claimed had persecuted him, would have organized a new identity for him. Krejcir then further clarified by saying that the Savy passport, with its altered picture, was issued before he was persecuted by the Seychelles government and was “organised by the Ex President of the Seychelles for him”.