Thursday, July 2, 2015


The beach being excavated
The new hotel nearing construction at Bel Ombre has caused considerable damage to the adjacent beach and the surrounding environment. In an attempt to rehabilitate the beach, they have encroached on part of the beach well below the high water mark. Seychellois will no longer be able to enjoy that part of the beach at high tide; logs being laid will be the new frontier between the hotel premises and the area to be used by local picnickers. The Seychellois are the losers in this game.

The natural flow of the stream has been blocked
What was once a beautiful extension of Beau Vallon Beach is now deserted with heavy machinery doing all the picnicking. The stream and marsh which flowed through the area have been reinvented to meet the architectural design of the builders; the estuary has been blocked and the once turquoise clear water where the sea merged with the stream is a filthy mess; small fishes are no longer to be seen. It is a sad sight. Has part of the beach been sold to the owners of the hotel?

Wooden poles being erected where Seychellois traditionally relaxed at picnics
                            The encroachment; well below the high water mark

Sadly, the narrow walkway built to allow locals access to the beach is still without lights; a sad reminder that the safety of Seychellois is not a priority for government and the developers.

Narrow access to the beach for locals