Friday, July 10, 2015


By A.Pierre

James Michel has terrorised over 20,000 Seychellois out of their own homeland after the treasonous coup d’état in 1977. Today he`s still terrorising the citizens of Seychelles.

James Michel the terrorist
The Michel administration has gone out of control; they are targeting political opponents and in particular the main financial backer to Lalyans Seselwa, Dr Ramadoss. Michel was himself the main backer of Dr Ramadoss in the past; his regime provided him with Seychellois citizenship and appointed him the treasurer of Parti Lepep. When Dr Ramadoss had a change of heart, all forces have been mustered against him and all is being done to cripple his business.

Government is making life extremely difficult for Ramadoss to operate in a bid to deny him the financial muscle as a political adversary. All government printing contracts have been terminated with Printec Press Holdings and transferred to NISA. All of Dr Ramadoss’ business empire is under tight scrutiny and dirty methods being used to shut them down.

In the latest move, they have given Amusement Center only three months to relocate; an unacceptable time frame for any business. They have moved fast; intelligence officers have been busy at the casino trying to identify under aged individuals within the premises which will lead to his gambling licence being revoked.

Apparently the agents have managed to do just that. Dr Ramadoss is required to show cause why his licence should not be revoked in front of the Board of Directors of the SLA today at 2 pm.

This is political victimization at its worse.