Thursday, October 22, 2015


Not so long ago, we read about the incident where Ton Pat's dog was killed at his home at Port Launay and more recently we heard of similar stories by Mrs Alexia Amesbury, leader of SPSD.  These incidents have been causing uproar from members of the public. 

It seems that the desperate satanic quartet from Dan Lari Bazaar,  is fast running out of options.   They have decided to play a little macabre concert of their own, to divert attention from the criticisms being directed at them, under a post made by Hansel Renaud Lavwa Lepep with the heading "Woke up this morning and found my dog brutally assaulted and killed......kisisa sa!!!!" with a photo of a dog covered in blood with a bloodied rock next to it.  

Except that Hansel Renaud Lavwa Lepep, is not really "Hansel Renaud" but is Sally, a member of the desperate quartet.  Hansel aka Sally is insinuating that her dog was killed by Ton Pat and has used this opportunity to insult Ton Pat.  The denunciation of the "attack"  by  so many is deafening and heroic but also comical on the part of several.  They are falling for this show hook, line and sinker and Sally must be patting herself on the back at how she is fooling them with her little game, except that she has not realized that we are one step ahead of their little schemes all the time.  Their little games are so obvious, and to see some grown men and women falling over themselves to express their outrage just because it is a member of Parti Lepep without even thinking twice that this may be a hoax, is just pathetic.

James Michel must be cursing the day he ever blessed that group as a mouthpiece for his campaign.   A question was recently asked by a member in the group;