Friday, October 16, 2015


The hypocritical Government of Seychelles.

Dolor Ernesta will probably go down in history as the man who got away with murder. This newspaper has brought to light already in several articles published earlier this year how the former minister stole many plots of state land for himself and other members of his family – when he was still the Minister for Housing and Land and even when he had left office.

This week we bring you another elaborate scam by Dolor Ernesta to grab more government land. It started in September 2000 when 2031 square metres of State Land, S4566 was transferred to Wilnie Mary Serret of St Roch Estate, Mahe, for SR125, 000. On the 5th November 2009, nine years down the line the same piece of land (S4566) was transferred to Dolor for the same price of SR125,000.This means that the land had not gained any value over nine years. This point is important because it goes to the core of this scam.

On the 9th February 2011 Dolor Ernesta gave back S4566, which is in the hills at Anse Aux Pins to Government in exchange for a prime piece Another scam from Dolor Ernesta of real estate H9152 (2074 square metres) by the main road at Beau Vallon, which is worth millions. We have published the documentation for your benefit and self assessment of this situation.

Despite all these suspicious transactions carried out by Dolor Ernesta when he was the minister in charge of State Land, the Authorities have failed to investigate the allegations of corruption against him. He is also still a Central Committee member of the ruling party. This is a clear sign that they can’t touch Dolor Ernesta. WHY???

Source:Seychelles Weekly