Tuesday, October 27, 2015


By A.Pierre

It seems the National human rights commission have gone deaf and blind at what goes on at this special prison. Charles Bastienne, the controlled interior Minister, is busy desperately campaigning as his Party is facing a landslide defeat. The gravity of the situation is put into perspective with the recent death of Maxwell Duval from cancer and the cancer Roland Felicie contracted whilst serving their sentences on Marie Louise. The quality and safety of the drinking water has been questioned many times previously with no answer forthcoming from this Government. Now prisoners are being threatened to be killed by lunatic prison officers with guns.

The US Department of State Human Rights report for the year 2013 had concluded that “Prison conditions did not meet international standards, notably regarding overcrowding and sanitation. Little information was available on conditions at remote prison facilities on Coetivy Island and Marie Louise Island.” Everyone is in the dark at what is really happening on these two islands. The strange disappearance of Mickey Lesperance is still fresh in everybody`s mind.