Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The politician is suing Gihan Fernando for SCR2 million and the Times of Seychelles for SCR5 million.

The leader of Lalyans Seselwa, Patrick Pillay yesterday lodged two civil actions against his former employee Gihan Fernando and against newspaper The Times of Seychelles, its Chief Editor George Thande, Editor Davidson Barra and the publisher of the paper, NISA press, headquartered at the Maison du Peuple.

Gihan Fernando
He is asking the Supreme Court to order Sri Lankan national Gihan Fernando to pay him damages of SCR2 million for having made “baseless, illegal, without lawful cause or justifications, malicious and spiteful” accusations against him.

Those accusations, Patrick Pillay averred, caused him to have “lost his liberty (Ed’s note: Mr Pillay was arrested on 14 October and released the same day), suffered pain, injury and sustained loss and damages”.

The second plaint is against the Times of Seychelles for having published an article on 4 September under the heading “Sexually molested boy quit training: new serious allegations against Pat Pillay”. The article refers not to Mr Fernando’s allegations but to those made by a different man, a former student of Mr Pillay.

The politician says that the statements made “were intended to mean (...) or by way of innuendo were meant and understood to mean that the plaintiff was a child molester of young boys (sic), was a sexual predator preying on under aged boys, used his position as lecturer and as a Minister to coerce and lure underage boys into sexual encounters against their will”.

According to Mr Pillay’s plaint, this is “untrue, misleading and constitutes a most serious defamation against his character, good name and reputation”. He also says that as a result of this, he “has been lowered in the esteem of right thinking members of society generally and has been brought into hatred, ridicule and contempt and as a result, has suffered prejudice”.

He has asked for damages of SCR5 million.

 It is to be noted that Gihan Fernando’s lawyer is Basil Hoareau who is also the legal representative of the Times of Seychelles.

Source: Today in Seychelles