Tuesday, October 20, 2015


20th October 2015

The Electoral Commission
Aathi Chambers
Mont Fleuri

Dear Mr. Gappy,

Re: Provision of Security for Presidential Candidates

1                    I write out of concern for my personal safety following certain recent incidents.

2                    Recently, 8 of my dogs were killed at my home on Praslin. Last week a little car driven by  a person wearing little glasses followed my husband for three hours around town and even entered through the security gates at my home on Mahe and exited behind him when he left.

3                    On Sunday 19th October 2015 my 86 year old aunty informed me that she received an anonymous, threatening and menacing phone call from a man questioning her about  my whereabouts.

4                    Since May 2015 I have gone through 5 mobile phones because they keep malfunctioning, my internet access both at the office and home are interfered with.  I assume that as the election time approaches the threats to my personal security will go into overdrive.

5                    What kind of regime acts in this cowardly fashion? Having failed to intimidate and scare Mr. Pillay off the State apparatus has now decided that I am a soft target?

6                    Mr. Gappy it is now of paramount importance that the Electoral Commission write to the Commissioner of Police requesting that these matters are fully investigated and appropriate steps taken against those responsible for these cowardly acts calculated to spread terror in the country in the run up to the election.

7                    I am sending a copy of this letter to all foreign Embassies, the British High Commission, local media houses for publication, the Commonwealth Secretariat and SADC amongst others.

8                    On Monday 19th October 2015 when I disembarked from the Praslin early morning flight the person who had previously followed my husband around, was “waiting” and appeared  to be going up and down that part of the road between the domestic and the international terminals, at the airport.

9                    Please note that failure on the part of the Electoral Commission to act, will be treated as a condonation of the acts of terror and international organisations will be asked to intervene.

     Yours sincerely,

    Alexia G. Amesbury
   (Party leader for Seychelles Party for Social Justice & Democracy)